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// Pluto Oil: Information on Planet + How to use oil //

The Power of Pluto: Regeneration, Transformation, and the Art of Seeing Anew

The vast expanse of our universe is dotted with celestial wonders, each bearing its own tale and significance. Yet, there is one celestial body that stands out, not for its brilliance, but for its depth and transformative power – Pluto.

A Journey of Evolution with Pluto

Often referred to as the 'Planet of Regeneration', Pluto epitomizes rebirth and metamorphosis. Its essence is not about sudden changes but rather the slow, unyielding progression towards evolution. Even when it seems like nothing's happening, rest assured, Pluto is hard at work, subtly redefining our perspectives and urging us to grow. In its mysterious way, Pluto encourages us to embrace new approaches, evolve our viewpoints, and eventually dawn upon life with rejuvenated eyes.

The Cosmic Dance of Pluto

Unlike our personal planets which affect daily experiences, Pluto's dance in the cosmos is unhurried and profound. Completing its zodiacal cycle in a whopping 248 years, it molds entire generations with its energy. This generational influence is seen in how most Gen-Xers align with Pluto in Libra, millennials resonate with Pluto in Scorpio, and our Gen-Z populace vibes with Pluto in Sagittarius. It’s fascinating to note that in a typical lifespan, we may only witness a handful of Pluto ingresses, making each significant.

Your individual Pluto placement - its exact position during your birth - is like a cosmic fingerprint. It holds clues to transformative life challenges, urging you to confront and illuminate your shadows. Delving into this shadowy realm, guided by Pluto's influence, is key to breaking age-old patterns and accessing one's utmost potential.

Pluto’s Retrograde: A Time of Reflection

In 2023, Pluto’s cosmic waltz saw it enter a retrograde in Aquarius, slowly moving back to Capricorn. But Pluto’s connection with Aquarius is far from over. While it took its first steps into this sign in March 2023, it is only on November 19th, 2024, that it firmly roots itself there for a transformative two decades.

Given Pluto's drawn-out journey, its transits are prolonged, with every phase unfolding patiently, providing ample opportunities for growth.

Harnessing Pluto’s Energy: Healing the Inner Self

For those inclined towards spiritual exploration, Pluto's energy can be harnessed for 'Shadow Work'. Infusing oils intended for this purpose, while setting clear intentions of healing the inner child's wounds, can amplify the effects. This profound work, illuminated by Pluto’s energy, paves the way for inner peace and clarity. Pluto, in its quiet might, stands as a testament to the continuous evolution of the soul. Through its journey, it gently nudges us to confront our innermost layers, urging us towards a transformation that's both profound and deeply personal. As we sail through life, let's embrace Pluto's lessons, remembering that even in the shadows, there lies a promise of rebirth.

Pluto Oil Ritual: Healing the Inner Child and Maintaining Balance

This magical oil, when used with intention and visualization, becomes a powerful tool in rituals and ceremonies.


  1. Preparation: Begin by grounding yourself. Find a quiet space where you can sit comfortably, free from distractions. Breathe deeply, clearing your mind and centering yourself.

  2. Setting the Intention: Think about your inner child wounds. Visualize your younger self and the healing you seek. Focus on the intention of healing, releasing, and achieving balance.

  3. Candle Dedication: a. To dress the candle, take the Pluto oil in your hands. If you wish to attract healing and balance, rub the oil downwards on the candle; to banish negativity and past traumas, rub the oil upwards. b. Optionally, roll the dressed candle in herbs, glitter, or flower petals. This enhances the power and aesthetic of the candle. c. Light the candle, dedicating it to the planet Pluto, and meditate on its flame for a few minutes.

  4. Pluto Bath: a. Draw a warm bath. As the water fills, add a few drops of Pluto oil, visualizing its transformative energy infusing the water. b. Immerse yourself, feeling the Pluto oil's energy washing over you, aiding in healing the inner child wounds. Relax in the bath for at least 20 minutes.

  5. Anointing: a. Once out of the bath and dried, take a drop of Pluto oil on your fingertip. b. Gently touch your pressure points or forehead, anointing yourself. This seals in the energies of healing and balance. c. Alternatively, anoint a talisman, charm, or crystal that you feel connected with, empowering it with Pluto's energy.

  6. Heart-Centered Meditation: a. Rub a few drops of Pluto oil between your hands. b. Place your hands over your heart, feeling the warmth and energy. c. Close your eyes and meditate, visualizing your heart center glowing with the healing and transformative energy of Pluto.

  7. Closing the Ritual: Once you've completed your chosen practices, thank the energies and spirits you've worked with. Blow out the candle, and clear away any materials.

Remember, magical oils are about intention and visualization. They're versatile, and you're encouraged to adapt this ritual to suit your needs and preferences. Whether you're using it in a bath, on a candle, or anointing yourself, the power of Pluto oil is there to aid in your transformation.


Pluto revolutionizes parts of ourselves, and events that occur at this time can just as easily be new relationships, births, and new beginnings as they are separations. For example, someone convinced to never marry might reverse this conviction during a Pluto transit.

Possible influences and experiences with transiting Pluto:

  • Emotionally and sexually rewarding relationships, intimacy.

  • Psychological healing.

  • Relationship problems, separation, manipulative behavior, jealousy and possessiveness.

  • Resistance to change and holding onto negative attachments.

  • Self-destructive behavior, obsessions.

  • Looking for truth and meaning.

  • Beginning new, intense relationships.

  • Psychological insight, intolerance for superficiality.

  • Soul-to-soul connections with partners.

  • Fateful encounters, timely new relationships and/or separations.

  • Discovering one’s power.

  • Unloading burdens and obligations.

  • Increased focus, strength, and commitment.

  • Death and rebirth cycles.

  • Complex involvements.

  • Coming face to face with our deepest fears, and overcoming them.

  • A new interest in psychology and parapsychology.


  • Pluto in the First House: Transformation through identity and personal freedoms

  • Pluto in the Second House: Transformation through resources and values

  • Pluto in the Third House: Transformation through friendships and communication

  • Pluto in the Fourth house: Transformation through family and generational healing

  • Pluto in the Fifth House: Transformation through arts and passion

  • Pluto in the Sixth House: Transformation through physical health and daily habits

  • Pluto in the Seventh House: Transformation through partnership and contracts

  • Pluto in the Eighth House: Transformation through healing and memories

  • Pluto in the Ninth House: Transformation through expansion and philosophy

  • Pluto in the Tenth House: Transformation through career and legacy

  • Pluto in the Eleventh House: Transformation through community and revolution

  • Pluto in the Twelfth House: Transformation through meditation and psychology

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