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Welcome to the herbal workshop offerings page at Samantha Jos Balm Yard. Samantha Jo brings her expertise in herbalism to guide and educate participants on the wonders of herbs. Whether individuals are interested in hosting a private workshop or attending one of the pre-packaged tiered services, they are in for a transformative experience.

Our private workshops are designed to be flexible and tailored to the participant's needs. Each workshop lasts 1 to 3 hours, ensuring a comprehensive yet manageable learning experience. What sets our workshops apart is that each tier comes with its own meticulously crafted syllabus, tailored to the theme of the workshop. Participants have the freedom to select from a range of packages, each of which can be customized based on the herbs chosen by the host.

Additionally, every tier includes special gifts and takeaway items that complement the learning journey and add value to the herbalism experience.


Basic Introduction to Herbalism

 Content :: 3 Herbs

 :: Bonus:: 1 Small Herb Add-On from Samantha Jos Balm Yard collection


Takeaway Gift: 1 Customized herbal bath blend  + 2 tea blends.

1 - 5 people


Intermediate Herbalism

 Content :: 5 Herbs

 :: Bonus:: 2 Small Herb Add-Ons from Samantha Jos Balm Yard collection


Takeaway Gift: 2 Customized herbal bath blends + 2 tea blends

5 - 15 people


Advanced Herbalism

 Content :: 10 Herbs

 :: Bonus:: 3 Small Herb Add-On from Samantha Jos Balm Yard collection


Takeaway Gift: 3 Customized herbal bath blends + 3 tea blends; 1 product from Samantha Jos Balm Yard collection

15 - 20 people


Customized Herbalism Intensive

 Content :: 15+ Herbs

Takeaway Gift: Comprehensive herbal toolkit, including rare herbs and specialized tools from Samantha Jos Balm Yard collection. 2 products from Samantha Jos Balm Yard collection

20 - 30+ people

:: Notes ::

- Prices are subject to change based on the availability and cost of materials.

- Additional services such as one-on-one consultations, follow-up sessions, or personalized herbal product crafting can be arranged for an extra fee.

- Group discounts or package deals for multiple classes can be considered upon request.


This tiered pricing system takes into account the varying levels of content, materials, and takeaway gifts provided in Samantha Jos Balm Yard's spiritual herbalism classes.


moon package

This package is tailored to the current moon phase, incorporating herbs that support both zodiac and moon phase energies. Participants will explore crystal pairings and recommended books for moon work, enhancing their spiritual and metaphysical understanding.

chakra package

Explore the intricacies of the chakra system, focusing on each chakra, including the root, heart, sacral, crown, third eye, solar plexus, and throat chakras. Participants will gain insights and tools for balancing and aligning their energy centers.

cleasning package

Dive into the realm of energetic cleansing with this package, learning techniques to dispel negative energy, engage in protection work, recharge personal energy, and delve into grief and soul healing practices for holistic well-being.

tea package

This package centers around the art of tea making without a spiritual focus, allowing hosts to choose any theme for the workshop. Topics may include adaptogen herbs, herbs for ADHD, cognition, and focus, internal health, gut health, and more.

smoke package

Tailored for smokers, the Smoke package explores herbs that complement cannabis or aid in transitioning away from tobacco products. Participants will learn about herbal blends and practices that support a mindful and intentional approach to smoking.

love healing package

Dive into self-love, love attraction, and love-focused practices with this package. Participants will explore herbal care such as womb steams, aphrodisiacs, and nurturing rituals to enhance their connection with love energies.

empowerment package

Designed for moments of personal empowerment and transformation, this package features herbs that aid in breaking through stagnant energy, sparking vitality, and providing a boost of energy to propel individuals forward on their journey.

medicinal package

Discover the healing properties of herbs for physical ailments in this package. Topics may include muscle relaxation for inflammation, stress relief in the body, nighttime recipes for relaxation, and herbal remedies for promoting overall physical well-being.

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