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It's A Ghost! - Ep. 04

Ghosting, Guilt, and Getting Back: Finding My Voice in a Disconnected World

Happy October & to all my metaphysical folks - Happy Halloween spooky szn!

First off, let me start by saying, I know. I've been a bit elusive lately. Gone rogue. Pulled some Houdini acts. Or in millennial terms, I've been ghosting. Gasp! I admit it. As someone who's deeply connected to her emotions (hello, fellow empaths!), the post-pandemmy has left me feeling out of sorts. Not just with the global situation, but right here in my community in Chicago. Let's deep dive a bit into my thoughts and feelings - and maybe, just maybe, you'll see a bit of yourself in here, too.

Feeling Out of Place

Honestly, sometimes walking around my beloved Chicago feels like I'm in a Stranger Things episode, where I'm on the upside-down side. Everything's familiar yet oddly distant. And that's a feeling that has crept into my relationships, too.

Navigating Social Anxiety: Real vs. Imagined Thoughts

The tricky part about social anxiety is that it's like this deceptive friend who whispers into your ear, making you doubt everything. Did they mean that sarcastically? Do they secretly not like me? But here's the thing: Not every thought rooted in social anxiety is the absolute truth.

Showing Up

Libra season is here, and as the least confrontational sign, we might find it challenging to voice our concerns. But instead of shying away from conversations, maybe it's time we channel the balanced Libra energy into expressing our feelings more authentically.

Post-COVID Communication

Raise your hand if talking to people nowadays feels like trying to walk after you've slept on your leg wrong. Is it just me? It's like the art of casual chitchat has become as difficult as reciting Shakespeare backward.

That Overwhelming Sense of Guilt

I live alone. While there's a certain freedom to it, the silence sometimes becomes a harsh reminder of the connections I've lost. And oh boy, the guilt of not replying to messages and calls. Can we make "Sorry, I got lost in my own thoughts" a universally accepted excuse?

Finding the Balance: My Top 3 Tips

  1. Throat Chakra Practices: By focusing on opening and balancing my throat chakra, I'm not only enhancing my communication but also speaking my truth without fear.

  2. DBT Communication Skills: Dialectical behavior therapy offers some amazing communication techniques. From validating feelings to being more assertive - it's been a game-changer.

  3. Scheduled Alone Time: Sounds contradictory, right? But scheduling alone time, where I can introspect without the pressure of replying, has made my interactions more genuine.

Lastly, here's a spiritual nugget for you. Sometimes, the universe pulls you away from social scenarios for reasons you might not immediately understand. It's like a cosmic timeout. I've been there, too engrossed in the drama to see the red flags waving wildly.

But always remember, it's okay to retreat and rejuvenate. Your true connections will understand, and if they don’t, maybe it’s the universe's way of telling you something.

Stay connected, not because it's a chore, but because our souls thrive on genuine connections. Sending love to y'all. 🌟🤍🌈



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