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After taking a 13 Herb Bitter Bath, a Sweet Bath is to follow! Sweet Baths aid to reseal the energy cleansed.  Think of it as rejuvenating your auric field and bringing out the sweetness in you. Manifest sweeter abundance, interpersonal relationship, interactions, reactions and relationships.


This bath comes with instructions and a step-by-step on how to use it.

Each Bag - 2 Oz


1. Begin by praying over your bath, setting clear intentions for your spiritual cleansing.

2. Boil your chosen herbs in a pot on the stovetop until a fragrant tea is created.

3. Strain the herbs, pouring only the herbal tea into the bathtub or into a bowl for use in the shower, starting from your head down.

4. If sitting in the tub, contemplate your intentions for the bath, focusing on releasing or calling in energies as desired.

5. Drain the tub after your spiritual bath experience.

6. Allow yourself to air dry, embracing the renewed energy and intentions set during your bath.



Sweet Herb Bath



    This herb bag is not meant to be eaten, smoked, or made into a drinking tea. As some as some herbs may be difficult for the body to digust. Some herbs may be sensitive to the skin; try not to have any open sores or injury to the skin before taking bath. Do not add anything else to the bath unless stated otherwise. balm yard is not responsible for any hiccups that may occur in any ritual not followed by instruction. It is also best not to take any baths while menstruating. This is for your own safety shawty!

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