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Immerse yourself in the luxurious embrace of our Burnt Sienna Shea Butter, a sensory masterpiece that blends the rich and inviting scents of Mahogany, Bourbon, and Cashmere. This uniquely crafted shea butter promises a sensorial experience that goes beyond mere skincare.



Comes packaged in an 2oz,  4oz , or 8 oz glass container with lid.


vitamin E, jojoba oil, glycerin, castor oil, argan oil, natural fragrance oil blend,  Made with the purest form of shea butter from Ghana, West Africa  


Benefits of Shea Butter -Everyday moisturizer - Dry Skin -Reduces scarring and cellulite -Skin Rash -Provides anti-aging properties -Skin Cracks - Dermatitis -Psoriasis -Eczema -Sunburn -Insect bites -Stretchmark prevention during pregnancy to name a few.

Burnt Sienna Butter

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