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It is a powerful blend that works exceptionally well with any type of divination work.


Sol Care Oil: Nurturing the Spirit


After experiencing the transformative effects of the Soul Cleanse Bath, Samantha Jo's Sol Care Oil provides a nurturing embrace for the spirit. This unique blend of herbs and oils serves as a meditation oil, offering comfort, protection, and support during moments of vulnerability. 

This meditation oil serves as a reminder to be gentle with ourselves, especially after moments of deep release and transformation. You can use it as a body rub oil or anoint yourself and/or tools. Yes, it can definitely be added to your bath!

Embracing Spiritual Renewal 


Samantha Jo's Sol Care Oil + Soul Cleanse Bath are not just products; they represent a journey of spiritual renewal and self-care. By incorporating these sacred tools into your spiritual practice, you can embark on a path of deep healing, emotional release, and inner transformation. Allow the therapeutic energies of nature to guide you as you cleanse your soul, nurture your spirit, and reconnect with the divine essence within.



How to Use: Apply to skin, fix candles, pour into a bath


Sol-Care Oil

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