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Lucky number 7 takes center stage in Seven's Butter, an enchanting blend of seven divine herbs and oils.


Picture this: the warm embrace of sandalwood, the exotic allure of oud, the crisp freshness of bay leaf, the earthy grounding of vetiver, the sweet resinous touch of benzoin, the sacred essence of palo santo, and the invigorating scent of blue spruce. This curated symphony is a sensorial journey, a dance of expansion that whispers of prosperity and new beginnings.


In the realm of numerology, the Universal Year 8 resonates with success and material abundance. Here's the magic – 8 stands alone, holding the keys to the material realm. 2024 is your year to manifest, to revel in financial abundance, and to witness your dreams take form.


Seven's Butter isn't just a skincare essential; it's an elixir of abundance, a touch of luck, and a breath of the new. Let the aromatic alchemy of these seven treasures infuse your daily ritual with the spirit of 2024. Embrace the opportunity, feel the luck, and dive into the wonders that Seven's Butter unfolds – your companion in the journey towards abundance, prosperity, and the joy of new beginnings. The universe has spoken; indulge in Seven's Butter, and let the magic unfold.



Comes packaged in an 2oz,  4oz , or 8 oz glass container with lid.


vitamin E, jojoba oil, glycerin, castor oil, argan oil.

Made with the purest form of shea butter from Nigeria, West Africa  


Benefits of Shea Butter -Everyday moisturizer - Dry Skin -Reduces scarring and cellulite -Skin Rash -Provides anti-aging properties -Skin Cracks - Dermatitis -Psoriasis -Eczema -Sunburn -Insect bites -Stretchmark prevention during pregnancy to name a few.

Seven's Butter

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