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B I T T E R  B A R S


Sweet baths + soaps are meant for deep spiritual cleanses. The sweet herbs in this blend are powerful herbs used to deal + sweeten the deal. This blend of herbs invites love, sweetness, calmness, relaxation, courage,  and purifying  energy into the body.


While bathing, think of all the ways to invite love & self love within.  Sweet baths are usually taken after a BITTER BATH.  You do not need to take a BITTER BATH to enjoy this bath! Anytime you need to open your heart chakra, try a sweet bath. For some extra fun, more items can be added like milk (coconut, goat, or whole), honey, favorite parfume/cologne, pink himalayan salt; just to name a few!   Head over to the SWEET HERB BATH to grab a blend with this soap bar!


Other ingredients; coconut milk, SWEET HERB blend, lavender oil, geranium oil, violet oil, juniper berry oil, patchouili oil, and rose otto oil


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