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In homage to the majestic emergence of the cicadas, a historic event not witnessed since 1803, comes a limited edition tribute: cicada butter. this unique creation encapsulates the spirit of personal metamorphosis, mirroring the swift and profound transformation of cicadas. Earthy, yet settle, sweetness. Infused with scents of rosemary, vetiver, geranium, and clary sage, it symbolizes renewal and rebirth. much like the cicadas' rapid evolution, this butter aims to evoke a sense of personal change and transformation, resonating with the essence of nature's enduring cycles.


This silky moisturizer will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. It is good for all skin types. Apply to your skin to moisturize, soothe or heal.  The butter does not leave a greasy feel. Whipped to the perfect consistency to melt onto the skin and spread easily. Doesn't take much!


Comes packaged in an 2oz,  4oz , or 8 oz glass container with lid.


vitamin E, glycerin, castor oil, argan oil, essential oil blend, Made with the purest form of shea butter from Ghana, West Africa  


Benefits of Shea Butter -Everyday moisturizer - Dry Skin -Reduces scarring and cellulite -Skin Rash -Provides anti-aging properties -Skin Cracks - Dermatitis -Psoriasis -Eczema -Sunburn -Insect bites -Stretchmark prevention during pregnancy to name a few.


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